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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lobster Red is Not my Colour

Had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I relaxed, loafing around the apartment, and then bf and I went to a going away bbq for one of my amazing students who is going back to Korea in a few days :( This is the hard part about my line of students always end up going back home! I need to work with immigrants, at least they're sticking around for a while! Had a great time catching up with past students who I haven't seen since I left my last school. I miss them...they are great people :)

As for my food choices....welllll, still haven't learned how to navigate a bbq. Had too many tortilla chips, and a cupcake, but when it came down to dinner, I had a very small portion of potato salad, pasta salad, greek salad, and one hot dog. That and 2 cookies and half of a real coke. Not great...but trust me, it coulda been worse!

Today the bf and I made the 1.5 hour trek (holy crap btw) to Wild Water Kingdom just north of Toronto in Brampton. It was 40 degrees today, so we decided to fork over the $30 and spend the day at the water park...worth it? Not sure. I think they could have more rides, since by the time 1 or 2 pm rolled around (we got there at about 10:30), it was crazy busy and you're waiting 30 mins to go down one slide. They are touted as "Canada's largest water park"...not sure that's true...I'm from BC, any other BC'ers out there remember the water parks in Victoria and on the mainland? Swear they were bigger. But that could be childhood making it seem that way :) We still had a really good time (minus the fight at the beginning when we almost ended up going the wrong way on Brampton transit and being told that Google lied to us about the easiest way to get to the damn place!) Got burnt to a crisp. I am white like paper, no joke...5+ hours in 40 degree weather..there is not enough sunscreen in the world to protect me from that. But I will admit my own stupidity in only applying it once, right before we headed in, not remembering that the stuff is less effective with multiple plunges into water! But hey, in my defense, even my Moroccan got burnt...Mr. I-don't-need-sunscreen-I'm-from-Morocco...sheesh ;)

Ate water park food. I am going to track it...just as I am going to track yesterday's bbq. At least I had my regularly scheduled dinner, running out to the my bbq just in time before the frickin' cedar plank caught on fire! I'm in a condo in downtown Toronto...I'm not supposed to have a bbq in my I know why! lol

I also worked out yesterday morning. I woke up just before 10. Ate a banana and half of a herbal magic protein bar, laced up and did Couch to 5K week 1, day 3. Since I've had my running epiphany and I run a little bit slower now, I am going to try and actually finish the program. I am also going to TRY and get up tomorrow morning and do my next resistance workout for Tommy Europe's 10 lb Shred. Awesome workouts, but I HATE 6 am! lol. I need to change my mind set. I am going to try telling myself that I GET to wake up early and work out, not that I HAVE to get up early and work out. I have been avidly reading Amie's "Running on Healthy" blog and she is such a motivation. Amazing work ethic, and thus amazing results! It's all in the mindset :)

Have a great week!!

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