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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Back to Struggling

Even with so much motivation around me, I am struggling with my exercise. I am tracking, and I am trying to limit the treats etc. (I survived standing for 10 minutes across from a pizza place that makes excellent pizza when I was tired, hungry, and soooooo not wanting to cook dinner when I got home, which is NSV in my book).

I was OP today. I drank my water, ate my fruit, and planned a WW friendly but comfort food dinner. I did eat some tortilla chips, but I tracked them, and moving on. I am now ignoring those darn chocolate chip cookies on my counter! Gotta stop buying those!! But I didn't exercise. Things are getting jiggly, and that's not cool.

The thing is, I liked the workouts I was where the heck is the motivation for doing them?? I have a good reward system. I even put my reward as my desktop wallpaper as a reminder. The workouts aren't long, and they make me feel strong and fit. But to actually get to the gym? Proving to be a lil bit of an issue. How do you push to get there? I can justify just telling myself, "no excuses" doesn't work for me, lol. My mom told me that I should have been a lawyer cause I could always argue any side of something. I'm actually usually pretty determined just as I leave work...but as I sit on the streetcar for 30 minutes it starts to fade away. By the time I reach my condo, all motivation is gone. I am kinda at wits end at this point. I don't know what else to try! It's super frustrating to not know myself well enough to figure out my trigger to force myself to do the things I don't want to do. You know what's worse?? I will wake up at 6 am to straighten my hair, but when I set the alarm for 6 am to work out, I reset my alarm. How sad is that?? UGH.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Anyway...Ashley from WW has a 52 days till summer challenge and this week she challenged everybody to do something that scares us. Success scares me. So this week I challenge myself to be successful. I challenge myself to do my frickin workout tomorrow morning cause I have to work till 9pm tomorrow...and I will do it again on Thursday, and again on Friday. If I do that and track my food I will consider my week successful. Something has to click eventually...right?

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