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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


*Note: I had another blog, but I really didn't like my title, so I am trying again and just re-posting my recent stuff....sorry :)

This isn't my first blog post, but it is certainly my first blog post on something other than just blogs built into other web sites I use (WW for example). The reason for the change now? I need accountability. Almost 3 years ago I decided to lose weight. I lost over 40 lbs, and have managed to basically keep that off +/- 5 lbs-ish). The problem? The last 10-20 of course. Isn't that always the problem? I have had great success with Weight Watchers, and while I haven't tried their new program, I'm sure it's as great as the previous one. The problem is that I can no longer afford to attend WW meetings, and frankly, even the online cost is too much for me right now. Just bought a condo in downtown Toronto...need I say more?

So I need accountability. I am allowing myself to rest on whatever laurels I had, and those laurels are starting to get pretty soft at this point. My work schedule isn't insane. Outside commitments are not a problem. So I honestly have zero excuses. None. Zilch. Well, aside from looking for a condo, and dealing with that stress. But the condo deal has been firm for 2 weeks now. So why am I sitting in bed with two bags of opened chips beside me? I think it's complacency. Therefore, I have decided to start something that can keep me going. I will also admit at this point that I just finished watching Julie and Julia, and her blogging totally inspired me. But nevermind that. I have tried journalling the old fashioned way, but I'm figuring that they must have an app for blogspot, so making this electronic seemed like the most logical conclusion.

So that's why I'm starting. And here's what I promise:

1) To update this blog at least once a week (personal pet peeve of mine, non-updating blogs)
2) To not whine...too much
3) To be completely and totally honest about my journey.

In addition I will make certain journey goals and countdowns that I will post about regularly.

So, for whoever reads this...thanks. Perhaps a commitment to updating will be just the commitment I need :)

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